Having a baby can change every aspect of life , including the sexual. Unfortunately for many women, having a baby is equivalent to a loss of libido which makes them less interested in sex . The desire to return to physically place after the gestation period and lack of sleep dictated by the alarm at night to care for and feed the baby, are two of the main causes . However, there are several things you can do to regain sexual desire after childbirth .

more sleep to make up for the fact of being exhausted from caring for a child , perhaps by talking with your partner to take two hours for a nap may be sufficient to gradually regain interest in making love. Parents often have a life very difficult if they both work, and needs to take care of the child do the rest. In this case, the ideal is to sell him to a babysitter just to regain the strength and peace of mind to mend the breach has arisen in the relationship.


The hormonal change can cause the so-called “vaginal dryness” especially if you are breast-feeding. Many women are reluctant to have sex soon after birth because they fear that they can feel pain, but the system is there and it is to use lubricants and to take more time for foreplay in order to make sex more comfortable as a result of a gradual excitation. Consulted a doctor for preventive purposes just to make sure the problem is not strictly sexual, but not replaced someone Else’s mainly psychological, in which case the doctor will take antidepressant medications and other to balance hormonal status. If concerns about the decline in sex after childbirth becomes a problem of existence, it is nevertheless to add that is not the case, as many obstetricians recommend even to refrain from having sex for at least six weeks after giving birth to avoid risks after gestation and emotional overload .

The best medicine ever remain so as long as when respected shows the sexual desire and with it the understanding of the partner, and also take care of the body Noting that there is still attractive. If this is apparent then the risks are reduced to the limit and the double bed can again be full of passion and why not organize a weekend alone in the future to design another happy event!.