The cholesterol is a substance produced by the liver and is present in the cells of the body. The increase of this substance in our body is the cause of many problems. It will be useful then follow the signs to drastically reduce this substance, or prevent this occurrence in time, following a few simple steps.

The cholesterol is introduced into the body through food, but our body of his is able to produce, within the liver and in the adrenal cortex in an amount of about 2 grams per day. Our body produces the amount sufficient to cover the daily requirements, so if you take large amounts of foods rich in fat, we run the risk of increasing levels, resulting in damage to the arteries and increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


There are essentially three ways to control cholesterol levels: the main one is the power supply, then there is physical activity, and finally the medical therapy. know how much power is the primary method to fight high cholesterol. It would thus appear that we eliminate foods high in cholesterol and take care to follow a more balanced diet.

Some foods contain varying amounts of cholesterol and it is important to know the richer ones, it would be better to avoid and which ones to choose. Firstly we need to eliminate it from foods with more saturated fatty acids: Butter, Sweet, lard and animal fats, Dairy products, sausages, lard, mayonnaise, chocolate.

We increase the consumption of foods rich in Omega-3 such as fish. ‘s increase the consumption of fiber contained in fruits and vegetables, which will help us to eliminate it through the feces and decrease its absorption in the intestine. choose also the parts of the leanest meats, we remove the fat before cooking and eliminate the consumption of meats. furthermore We moderate alcohol consumption. And try to avoid fried foods, better cooking grilled, baked or steamed.

Regarding physical activity, will be crucial if we walk or do useful work for the arteries and the heart, and if we dedicated at least an hour a day, would help to reduce body fat levels. If you do not subside following a diet, the latest indication to follow is to consult your doctor , we will submit to a drug treatment. On the market there are many foods or products that promise to help our health, but the best thing is to be followed by a doctor or cholesterol expert , who will advise us on the best, with drugs that aim to cleanse the liver and blood and melt the fat content in it.