Those who practice sport knows that recovering from a muscle injury involves both a physical work and mental. The recovery phase is different depending on the type of injury or damage that has undergone the muscle . It is a crucial period of rest which must follow a slow phase of rehabilitation to sport . In these cases it is important to listen to your body; it helps us understand the solution and the best strategy to adopt. This tutorial explains how to recover from a muscle injury.

muscle injury

You should know that every injury is a special case and should therefore be considered as such. It can happen to get hurt and having to give up the sport that takes practice, but you can replace with different physical activities. If we have an accident during a training session of athletics and the injury has had the muscles of the legs is advisable to replace the race with swimming or cycling. Certainly the training should be light, unpretentious competitive and should be practiced only for healing purposes.

A very common injury in athletics is tearing or stretching. There are 3 levels of accidents; the first is a tear or stretch with pain bearable. In fact, even if you feel discomfort you can keep running, slowing the pace usual. The second level involves the replacement of the run with the walk and have to be at rest for at least a week. In the third level the pain is so strong that the athlete can not move the muscle ; for the full recovery we must rest for a month or more. You can still run with bandages to experience relief; but if the pain persists after the first 3 days it is advisable to do an X-ray to avoid serious injury. After the phase of absolute rest one must practice in a special rehabilitation center and in control doctor .

Another problem plaguing the sport is the distortion; in this case the affected limb is the ankle. The level it understands the damage that has occurred; if the ankle is sore, but no swelling to the eye probably just a few days of rest. If, instead, they have bruises, swelling or redness is essential to do an X-ray and to immobilize the ankle brace or plaster; the doctor chooses the appropriate method for a perfect healing . Shooting times in this case are long and must be respected; in any case before spreadable creams or ointments must consult a specialist.