In the life of each of us can happen at particularly stressful and difficult to deal with. The work, hectic life , but also unexpected and unfortunate events can disrupt and destabilize the balance of a person, bringing it to life with heaviness and difficulty any type of event. Learning to deal with stress and bounce back after a bad period is important and can help to strengthen the character and ability to react to difficult situations.

The traditional school of psychiatry has compiled a list of events the most stressful that can affect a person. At the top there are events linked to deaths and separations (death of a child or a spouse, divorce or incarceration), but the causes of stress are many, even of less importance, and their incidence may also vary according to how these are experienced subjectively by the person directly concerned. The symptoms of stress can be many: anxiety, depression, insomnia or sleep disorders, nervousness continuously, until it flows into real psychosomatic diseases (psoriasis, fever, headache etc) who vent on the body weight that the mind is supporting .

period-of stress

Recovering from a period of stress may not be easy, but getting out in the best way, however, can help us deal with other difficult periods in a different way , allowing us to live with less distress events. First, it is important to go through all the time you need. Wounds heal slowly, so also the mind needs that you do not hurry to settle. During this period we must learn to know externalize their emotions: cry, scream and vent gestures are more important than what you believe in and can speed up the recovery process. You should be able to grant the rest, but without basking in starvation that can easily take over these moments. When our body will be better able to dedicate ourselves to the mind. To get rid of stress you can devote to activities that relax more, according to your taste, maybe sharing them with your loved ones.

Friends and family have a very important role when dealing with a stressful time, thanks to them seemingly insurmountable difficulties can become manageable. Learn to trust and rely on to someone that you love is important, always keeping in mind that the choice of the people must be done with policy and good sense. If, despite all these strategies the level of mental fatigue is still high, you may want to consider the possibility of referral to a specialist like a psychologist, therapist or a psychiatrist, even if you require a pharmacological support (option to consider last, given the implications and contraindications that a treatment as this may imply).

When you deal with stressful moments you can have the impression that it is an impossible task out of it is actually possible to recover lost energy and health devoting more time to ourselves, and learning to trust others, developing problems and managing them in a more healthy.