One of the health problems that in recent decades has involved increasingly higher percentage of people are allergic. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases , it is not very serious diseases, but for those who suffer can be very annoying and debilitating, could also reduce your performance at school or work of the person who suffers. To combat them effectively, it is important first of all to recognize them, making sure that problems are actually caused by allergies, and then find the best remedies . Of course, to how to recognize and treat allergies, the help of the doctor is practically essential.

Let us first what is meant by an allergy . All of us are equipped with a complex immune system to react to the attacks of potentially hazardous to our health . These elements can be both living organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) That does not (physical or chemical agents). Whenever this reaction is exaggerated and, above all, is activated due to elements that are not normally dangerous to our body (typically the pollen ) speaks of allergy. The immune system mistakenly recognizes these substances as dangerous and reacts, giving rise to annoying allergic manifestations. The symptoms of allergies can be manifold. Difficulty breathing, irritation of the nasal mucosa resulting in blocked or runny nose, irritation of the eyes or throat, skin rashes, and in some cases, stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting.


Recognize the causes of the allergic reaction in some cases is relatively simple, while in other cases it is much less. For example, if you are allergic to dogs or cats hairs of the events like sneezing, irritation of the conjunctiva, itching and / or dermatitis occur at the contact or proximity with the animals themselves, and disappear within a more or less short, when you move away from the places where they stayed these animals. In these cases, the evidence of the cause-effect facilitates the diagnosis. In other cases, however, it is not absolutely clear the agent that caused the allergic reaction, for which specific tests are needed. One of these is the “prick test”. Used primarily to discover pollen allergies, this test is carried out by bringing into contact the different types of allergens possible to subcutaneous areas , for example the arm or back.

If after ten minutes you highlight an allergic reaction at the point where it is deposited a certain allergen , that is the cause of the allergy. A test for allergies recognize that determine contact dermatitis is the so-called “patch test”. In this case applies a special adhesive bandage on which there are various zones containing the possible different allergens. This bandage must remain in contact with the skin for a few days, and, in the end, if one of these allergens is what determines the allergy, you will see from the reaction of the skin in that area. Regarding food allergies , the test is a little ‘longer. In this case the allergic reaction must be present. For two or three weeks you need to follow a diet in which there are no or the elements that are considered at risk and then to analyze the termination of allergic phenomena.

Once the cause of the allergy is necessary to determine how to cure The most obvious solution is to avoid contact with the allergenic elements, such as jewelry containing nickel if this is what triggered the reaction, or avoid contact with dogs or cats if the latter are the cause of the disorder. In some cases, anti-allergic drugs can reduce the magnitude of the phenomena. A drug treatment is indispensable when you can not avoid these elements, such as for example, if we speak of pollens In these cases, there are drugs, also counter, antihistamines and decongestants that may help A more definitive solution that can be used in some cases consists helping the body element that determines the allergy through a immunotherapy treatment It is a cycle of injections containing small amounts of the allergen specific very dilute.