They are the true business card of every woman: we are talking about the eyes! It is certainly not the only female to use gaze as a weapon of seduction. Men too much pointing on the look. With eyes are peering, is observed, it is called. This is why we must take care of them. How many times we have heard that summer and the heat-threatening sight because of the much dreaded ultraviolet rays? But it’s just the summer season in which to have some foresight in more for our eyes? It seems not. Lets talk about how to protect your eyes in winter.

your eyes

Tend the winter may not be a particularly dangerous to the health of our eyes. But you still have the right of small, mandatory precautions to protect views and look even during the colder months. In fact, the winter months are the ones where you spend more hours at the computer. At times grueling work, endless days in the office, and whoever makes the cost is just our eyes. How many times have you to go home and feel tired eyes and dry? This is due precisely to the continuous exposure to artificial light screens and personal computers. If you notice an increase in dry eye or that nagging feeling of eyes that “pull”, use a few drops of eye drops homeopathic necessary.

If you live in a particularly cold and use the scooter, winter is definitely advisable not ever do without the helmet visor. This must always be lowered and it is also recommended to install the windshield. We will repair by excessive wind. Another problem is typical of winter the temperature gap between inland areas and outdoor areas. If outside temperatures can also hit zero, flats and offices will be always on the air conditioners. These temperature changes can irritate the eyes. Besides the classic fan coil put into circulation a quantity of dust mites and above normal. Even this could create redness and dryness. If you arrive, make a poultice of chamomile tea in the evening before going to bed.

To protect the eyes in winter , you should never forget the use of sunglasses. Many people are used to wear glasses only in the summer months, or even just at the beach. Nothing could be more wrong! The overcast winter days can make filtering more than 80% of ultraviolet rays UVA and UVB. Finally, if you notice any redness or dryness of the classic fine lines around the eyes (crow’s feet), treat yourself to a bellicosity of argan oil . Sprinkle gently around the eyes, never do get inside. The next morning you will notice a skin nourished and regenerated. Even these small gestures are used to protect the eyes in the winter!