The blood circulation is very important as it oxygenate tissues and transport nutrients and metabolic degradation in the body. The circulatory difficulties, therefore, can be very harmful and dangerous, and are generally caused by a style of life and wrong sedentary, together with a lack of physical activity , a wrong diet to which may add the overweight and also the advanced age often can play a fundamental role. To alleviate this problem in the trade is possible to find different natural substances, including, for example, based supplements of horse chestnut able to improve the flow. But the remedies may be many: therefore we see, in this guide, as promote blood circulation.

blood circulation

As for the movement , it is good to understand what are the signs of malaise of our body: usually these problems reveal their negative effects especially on the lower limbs. The sudden onset of itching, swelling, tingling sensation and / or cramps in the extremities and appearance of varicose veins may be symptomatic of the onset of a problem with the blood flow . It should therefore be activated as soon as possible, in the presence of symptoms, ascertain the causes and possible remedies to the problem.

The first thing to consider is that related to food: very often in fact, the basis of the problems of circulation, there is an incorrect diet. It is therefore advisable to consume large quantities of fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes; Moreover also ginger, chilli and turmeric are to be favored, as they help to stimulate blood flow, ensuring the benefits to your heart. Conversely are not recommended alcohol, smoking and fatty foods, while caffeine intake, protein and sweet goes dosed to limit its negative effects.

Another enemy to fight is a sedentary lifestyle. It is indeed very important for people suffering from difficulties circulatory, perform regular physical activity : even a light jog or a long walk at a brisk pace is a great incentive to improve overall blood flow. It is also good to wear comfortable shoes, suitable in order to avoid too high heels or shoes too low: the correct solution is to use shoes with heel intermediate ranging from 3-5 cm at the most, possibly a large base.