The urinary tract infections are infections that affect the ejection system of liquid waste from our body, that is what is called the urinary tract. This concerns if the lower part of the tract is a simple cystitis, which can cure with the normal antibiotics, while if instead affects the kidneys, the upper part of the tract, it becomes much more complex and may require the use of more invasive therapies what can be the dialysis . The infections are caused by bacteria, so a more hygienic treatment capillary might be a good solution to avoid them. In fact, this guide will help you on how to prevent urinary infections.

If we take the habit of drinking plenty of water each day, at least a liter and a half a liter or more, we will help our body to expel impurities and bacteria. The water flowing along the digestive tract keeps it clean and does not allow germs and bacteria to proliferate, especially those that lurk in the bladder and are difficult to counter once you form a colony. We must therefore make a habit of drinking regularly every day at least one liter of water, doing so will not allow bacteria to reproduce and become lethal for our body.


One of the most frequent causes that give rise to the infections of the urinary tract is undoubtedly the bacterium Escherichia coli, to prevent its infestation is so good to do regularly, then at least every 6 months, blood tests, so soon we will have high values ​​will act immediately to remedy the thing and fight infection in progress. If you just drink plenty of water diuretic so be it, otherwise we will have to resort to antibiotic therapy , although that will prove to be heavy for the body will be essential to eradicate the bacterium and its entire colony.

The antibiotic becomes therefore necessary in the event of infection expanse. This is debilitating to the body, so we will use it only if there is no other way ‘output. It should be noted that the dosage of the antibiotic should be prescribed by your doctor , do not dare alone therapy, because you do not mess with drugs. Once the antibiotic treatment is well to repeat the analysis, to see if indeed the bacterial colony has been eradicated, if not you will have to proceed with another round of antibiotics.