The fungus , or more technically “onychomycosis”, is an infection of the nail of the foot or hand, caused by fungi known as “fungi”, who live and thrive in humid and warm. May remain circumscribed or affecting the others nails , which will begin to change color, to thicken and crumble sideways. Depending on the degree of infection , the nail will go from a yellow hue to brown , green or even black. About 50% of Italian population is subject to fungal infection, especially men. That the foot is more common and easier to contract. Among the causes , in addition to humid environments (like for example, the edges of the pool, the showers of the gyms, locker rooms), psoriasis and athlete’s foot appear to be triggering factors. Even diabetics and the elderly are generally exposed to infection, in fact, with age, the nails become thicker and more susceptible to attack by fungi, molds and yeasts. In very severe cases, the treatments are not enough, the nail begins to emit bad odor, as well as being painful, and you must remove it with surgery. And ‘possible to prevent this disorder from a proper hygiene associated with the devices and natural remedies. Let’s see what are:


Avoid using too tight shoes that prevent the natural transpiration of the foot, especially in cases of excessive sweating. The moisture that is created inside the shoes could favor the proliferation of fungi and infect the nails. Also, avoid the purchase of stockings nylon or synthetic fibers are one of the main causes of hyperhidrosis.

A proper hygiene of hands and feet is the first step to prevent the disease. You should brush preferably with Marseille soap, which prevents irritation and establishes the right neutral pH of the skin. In case, you do not carry this product, you can use the whole salt, especially in foot baths which must have a minimum duration of 20 minutes. Remember to dry thoroughly stakeholders.

The nails should never be either broken or cut with scissors and ‘always preferable to shorten them and smooth them with an emery. It ‘important to keep them short to prevent the reproduction of fungi. Perform these operations with hands and feet perfectly dry Avoid walking barefoot in damp environments , such as the swimming pool, changing rooms and showers of gyms.