The kidney stones, also known in medical terms “kidney stones”, consist of deposits of hard consistency , of minerals in the urinary tract . Because of their shape and chemical composition , may move and obstruct the flow of urine, causing a very severe pain , which can cause infections and even, in the worst cases, kidney damage. Most of the calculations is expelled in so natural, without the need for surgery, but we know that prevention is better than cure, so this guide will provide some information on how to prevent kidney stones.

How to prevent kidney stones

There is no single specific cause of the aforementioned symptoms, but this can be generated by several factors which, once identified, may allow a prevention. The first recommendation is to keep the body hydrated, assuming a right amount of liters of water per day, that amounts to about a liter and a half or two. When the fluid intake is too small, the urine is concentrated, of a dark yellow color, and in that case it is recommended to increase the dose of water. Follow proper nutrition daily, but first we need to establish what is the type of calculations afflicting the patient, to determine what are the minerals that cause the obstruction of the urinary tract and how to dilute such salts. Excessive intake of calcium and a dysfunction of the parathyroid gland , which is responsible for regulating the level of calcium, can lead to an increase of calcium oxalate in the urine; and an excessive consumption of protein and salt will generate a high concentration of uric acid, which makes the urine decremented acid.

The causes can be traced back even to geneticist, as more people from the same family may have bladder spasms. It also may be due to birth defects, metabolic disorders and to the season. They have to be limited to carbonated drinks , juices, tea, coffee, milk for the presence of calcium, while you can drink red wine and beer, checking that you should limit consumption to one drink per day, excluding all drinks including spirits and bitters.

Nutritionists recommend eating five servings of vegetables a day: salad of carrots, celery, lettuce, artichokes, diuretics and refreshing, while limiting tomatoes, spinach, chard and all green leafy vegetables that contain on average 650 mg of Galatea. Among fruits, excluding the mature and rich in fructose, consume at will lemons and oranges that could get to dissolve kidney smaller. Limit consumption of cheese and eliminate foods high in salt, which contains sodium, and preservatives, checking on special labels the ingredients. The remedies “home” propose to drink every morning warm water and lemon or coconut water, to prevent the formation of aggregates of minerals, considered as able to cleanse the bladder, however it is always best to contact a medical expert to ask how to act.