Hair is a part important for each of us. Women, especially, you should take great care throughout the year: cut them frequently, they renew the look with different colors and feature increasingly sophisticated hairstyles. However, for both men and women, a common enemy threatens this important part of our body, or the loss of hair. If for some this condition is hereditary, for all others it is possible to try to prevent the problem with just a few simple steps. Let’s see how.

To prevent hair loss you need to act on several fronts simultaneously. In the first place there is the external protection. The main external enemy of the hair is the sun here so that before exposure to long hours of tanning you will need to apply on the hair a protective mask that limits the effect of UV rays. These masks can be easily found in beauty stores, but also from your hairdresser you trust. Even in winter there may be the same problem, for example if you make frequent use of tanning beds. In this case, ask your beautician to provide protection for the hair, and in the blink of an eye you will be satisfied. Finally, another factor that affects the hair loss is smoking. We speak here of both the active and the passive smoke: both produce the same deleterious effects, since even the smoke is deposited on the surface of the hair into even greater health . So if you care to have a thick head of hair always, stop smoking and frequent places and homes filled with smoke.


Another important aspect that allows to prevent hair loss are the washes. Until a few years ago it was believed that the shampoo frequently weaken the scalp and then ruined their hair. However, recent studies have established how this is extremely unfair: wash your hair often not absolutely accentuates the fall, but prevents this phenomenon. The dirt that is deposited on the hair, in fact, prevents the hair to breathe and irreparably damaged. Hence it will be a good idea to make a shampoo at least three times a week. In the case of hair very fat, however, the washing should be a daily basis. Obviously the product to be used for cleaning must not be aggressive (at most you can use a clarifying shampoo if you have oily hair).

The last step to prevent hair loss has to come from inside, or with proper nutrition. A varied and balanced diet is the foundation of the welfare of the entire body, but some foods have some amazing properties on our hair. First of all there are the eggs: as we all know are rich in protein (the main components of the hair), but also contain biotin and vitamin B-12. These substances allow the body to metabolize proteins in order to use them to build the tissues. Continuing include essential fatty acids, which prevent hair loss due to their anti-inflammatory properties. They are found in nuts, fish and soy. Finally will never have to miss broccoli, brewer’s yeast, basil and spinach: These foods contain iron and allow to prevent the graying especially in women. Even mild anemia due to the fertile period, in fact, can lead to a weakening of the scalp, then adding these foods in your diet, you will be able to cope with the problem. By following the tips mentioned above then you will be certain that you have done everything possible for the health of your hair and your beauty.