Is now known that prolonged use of devices with backbit screens can cause several problems, especially postural and sight, the first form of prevention is to take frequent breaks that allow the body to properly rest the eyes and avoid keeping the same position for a long time, in addition to this there are a few tricks that help us not to have discomfort when we are in front of the computer, let us see how to prevent and avoid eye problems.

Consider first few stops from work to the computer, as a rule, for every hour spent in front of the screen should rest your eyes for at least five minutes, maybe looking away from us, to counterbalance the up-close for the long term. Another ploy that usually does not give weight is cleaning the screen, actually a screen, even slightly blurred, strains the eyes a lot more to the effort of focus images. Speaking of clarity and visibility of the monitor, pay attention to how you compare to the light source, which must not create glare reflected in the eyes of those who are in front, let’s keep away from strong light sources and prefer, when possible, the natural.


After checking the correct positioning of the PC, make sure that we position ourselves to be more than adequate, and that is with your feet flat on the ground, back straight and well supported by the back of the chair (thus promoting the relaxation of the shoulders), the keyboard at the level of the elbows (which shall be laid on the arms or on the desktop) and the screen with the top edge at eye level or slightly below it. This will avoid the fatigue of the back seat and the view, and allow us to work comfortably, but if we feel the need to move often means that our posture is not adequate. The distance between us and your computer should correspond to the length of our outstretched arm.

Other useful devices to prevent problems mainly concern the visual brightness of the screen and the place where we are; regionalism depending on the light source, if we use the natural light, and is too strong, we make sure that it is filtered, by curtains, but if we are illuminated by artificial light compositional laterally to it. Even the brightness of the monitor should be adjusted depending on how much is already lit environment or the time of day in which we are working on.