The power supply is a very important thing for our health and can even prevent the disease with nutrition. Good nutrition strengthens our body and then as we said, it helps to prevent disease and live better, helps us to know our body and understand what we need to not have health problems .

The first thing to do is to avoid sugar, salt, white flour, fried foods, cheeses, cured meats, fatty meats, convenience foods, snack foods, sweets, stuffed cookies, soft drinks and juices many have added sugar. Foods to be taken regularly that are good for our health are fish, lean meats, eggs. There are also some ingredients that can help our body, such as brown rice, rich in B vitamins, which improves the intestinal flora , barley instead improves intestinal transit and evacuations.


To prevent cardiovascular disease , the primary source of prevention is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables , the main causes of these diseases, smoking, stress , diabetes, high blood pressure, overeating and eating unbalanced.
Fruits and vegetables , are low in calories but high in fiber which satisfy your appetite, thus limiting the intake of many calorie that are not good for our health. The poultry meat is lean and easily digestible, most of the fats that are in this type of meat, are monounsaturated, and are useful to control the level of cholesterol in the blood, therefore the consumption of poultry helps to reduce cholesterol.

Fish is rich in protein and this is also easily digestible, fish contains potassium, phosphorus , iron, depending on the type you choose, the Cod for example contains potassium, Sarina potassium , phosphorus, and vitamin B2, Mackerel in addition to potassium and phosphorus also contains iron and vitamins A and D. Fish is rich in Omega3, which is critical in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

For prevent cellular aging, which is the main cause of degenerative diseases associated with age, it is necessary to make use of fruits and vegetables that are a source of antioxidants, and are rich in vitamin C, which stimulates the immune system, the pro vitamin A and carotids, which are present mainly in carrots, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, are important for the view and for growth. Several foods can help to prevent cancer, it is very useful and important to the use of fiber, which when consumed regularly, reduce the risk of correctable cancer, while probiotics, preventing the growth of pathogens, and therefore reduce the possible production of carcinogens. Our nutrition is very important to recognize what is right because it is good to eat our health and what to avoid in order to avoid problems which can often be serious.