The “cystitis” is a benign disease that is acute or chronic inflammation of the “bladder” (due to the passage in it, many of the “bacteria” in the gut or anus) and has a number of “noise”: the continuous and painful urination, reduced urine volume (which can be cloudy and contain small amounts of blood) drained per parturition (the act of peeing) and difficulty urinating. Of “cystitis” suffer especially “women” because their orifices of the anus and the urethra (where urine flows from the “bladder”) are very close to each other. You can easily prevent this disease and it is easily treatable, but if left untreated it could lead to infection of the “kidney” (which, in turn, can lead to the passage of bacteria in the blood, if not treated immediately and intensely) whose “symptoms” may include: fever above 38 ° C, chills or back pain.


The “cystitis” is favored by: sex, use of bubble bath / soaps that irritate the vagina, menopause, poor intake of beverages (less than 1.5 liters per day), diabetes, pregnancy, poor / excessive hygiene, use of tampons, power supply is not regular, high physical or psychological stress, use of contraceptive methods that kill sperm, trousers and underwear too tight; catheter use; diverticulitis; hypertrophy of the prostate, urine retention, use of certain drugs (such as antibiotics), lesions of the urinary tract.

The ” remedies ” to prevent ” cystitis ” are to counteract the factors that favor it and are as follows: 1 ) proper hygiene , wash thoroughly and that is from the vagina to the anus (not to pass the intestinal microbes to the urethra ) with no fragrances and products that do not produce foam: for the children do not use regular soap or shower gel and products at acid pH (from ” 0″ to ” 7″), for the adults need to use detergents with a pH acid and for menopausal women need a soap or gel rich in active ingredients, hydrating and refreshing , and 2) drink as much, and 3) make urination after each sexual intercourse ( to prevent bacteria are trans located into the urethra and then the bladder ) 4) use vaginal suppositories after menopause ( to restore the secretions ) 5) do not hold urine for a long time , 6) maintain bowel regularity; 7) choose loose clothing; 8) use absorbent cotton and non- domestic ; 9) avoid contraceptive spermicides; 10) immediately change your wet bathing suit ; 11 ) does not exceed the consumption of coffee.

To prevent the “cystitis”, you can also follow the “natural remedies”, as the assumption of the “American Cranberry” (capsules or juice), a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water (4/5 times day), cranberry juice and herbal teas: 1) made ​​with leaves of “Grapes Orsini”, 2) to purple (boil for 10 minutes, 15 grams of flowers and leaves, and then filter them in 500 milliliters of water) 3) nettle, using the dried leaves (put two tablespoons per cup and allow to steep in boiling water for about 10 minutes).