How many times have you heard of carpal tunnel syndrome but without knowing all the details of this inflammatory condition? In fact it is just an irritation of the median nerve resulting in loss of sensitivity to the first three fingers of the hand (thumb, index and middle). In some cases, also the annular can partially lose its functionality, especially during the night. This syndrome affects far more women over forty who perform repetitive tasks. If you too are in this category of people and you want to try to prevent this inflammation, you can do so by following the exercises. Let’s see how to prevent carpal tunnel.


Before you begin with exercises for the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome , it will be good to have mastered some tricks also acts to reduce the occurrence of this problem. Repetitive work, such as that of a typist, needs as much as possible to take frequent breaks. In this way you will avoid putting too much strain on the median nerve , preventing it on fire too. The same result you will get when wearing braces and trying to maintain a specific posture of the wrist quite correct. Not recommended is then prolonged use of vibrating tools, such as a mouse or joystick details. These small measures, however, will not be decisive, then the second step will be to focus on specific exercises.

The first exercise will stretch the nerve at the base of this syndrome. Bring your arms in front of you, at shoulder height, making sure that your palms are facing each other. From this position, bend your thumbs inside the palms, then refit them on the fingers thus forming two fists. At this point try to push their fists towards the floor, hold for 5 seconds , then return to the starting point. Repeat all ten times, then rested arms making dangle at the sides of the body. Subsequently joined their index, middle, ring and little finger of each hand. Bring then out the thumb more that can form a sort of L: in this position immediately feel come into tension the nerve located in the inner part of the hand, a sign that you are exercising correctly. After remaining in position for about 5 seconds, again facing the thumb to the other fingers, then repeat the process nine more times.

In the third and last exercise you should always bring your hands in front of you, turning your palms inward. Keep your left arm stretched taut, then bend your right hand to form an angle of 90 degrees. At this point, even the fingers bend into the palm and wrap your right hand around the left. In this case, hold the position for about ten seconds, and then repeat the exercise with your right arm. Even in this situation would be better to repeat the stretching for 10 times. The full session of the three exercises listed is perfect to perform at home, but if you are at work and do not want to overload the median nerve, choose any of the three workouts and repeat it throughout the day. This way you can prevent carpal tunnel surgery and avoid annoying.