The Bruxism is a habit that is to tighten, tighten in or grinding your teeth . This is especially true in the time of sleep and it is during the masticatory muscles are strongly contracted. It is an involuntary movement which, in the long run, can damage, wear out and weaken the teeth. Let’s see how you can prevent bruxism.

The causes of bruxism can be varied. It could be the result of stress , anxiety, periods quite frustrating that need to download the tension built up in some way. It is very important to prevent this as it may lead to the shortening of the teeth, soreness of the muscles of the face , a greater sensitivity to the teeth and the presence of trouble when you chew or open your mouth.


When you experience any of these symptoms, and in particular the soreness of the muscles of the face and especially of the jaw, it is important to take precautions to avoid a worsening of the state of the most important of his mouth. The solution to this situation occurs with the use of a bite. It avoids that the teeth are in contact with each other allowing them not squeal on one another.

Having taken this precaution, you should determine the cause of these early symptoms of bruxism . If the cause is related to states of anxiety or stress, it would be appropriate to adopt behaviors that will enable you to download the tension in other ways or to request support by industry professionals. If the cause is “natural”, a misalignment of the teeth, ask your dentist means to intervene with appropriate orthodontics.

The phenomenon of bruxism is definitely not to be underestimated. The smile is an important part of this is good for us and take care of your mouth. In addition to this, you may have some real problems at the structural level and for this reason it is essential to take steps until it is time to do so.

Although there is no specific therapy against bruxism, recognizing the causes are preventable and treatable. The most useful is definitely the one that concerns the adoption of the bite. With this device limits the damage and you do not ruin any of their tooth dental arches. Recognising the signs and act accordingly is very important.