The back pain can be very debilitating due to discomfort and ruin the quality of life at different ages . People who are often standing, who does a desk job and is in front of the computer, students may be equally at risk. Each movement is the basis of voltages of the spine, structure in which incarnadine many ligaments and tendons. If it is true that some conditions, in particular labor, can not be avoided, you can still prevent back pain by adopting good habits and making of simple gestures, to be applied in everyday life.

Maintain good posture when you are at the table, you drive and you are at work, it is essential to prevent back pain. The shoulders must be turned outwards and remain as relaxed as possible, the head should be held high and the belly to be made ​​back. Maintain this posture, to which we must think of the first few times, it can become a habit and simple body pressure will be spread evenly over the entire spine . Even when you are sleeping you have to look after your back, because you spend sleeping around one-third of their lives. Experts advise you to change your mattress every 10 years, but sometimes, if you realize that you sleep badly, it is advisable to buy a new one before. The ideal mattress should be neither too soft nor too hard, because in the latter case may create pressure on the spine and revive pains and inflammations. To prevent back pain is advisable, if you sleep on your back or in a fetal position, put a pillow under your knees , if you sleep turned on one side, the pillow should be placed between the knees, while it is good to put it under your hips when you sleeping in the prone position, the belly.

When you go to work or exit must pay attention to their shoes. The high heels can cause back pain when walking because one is led to curve your back forward, a movement that continually urges the spine. This phenomenon occurs when the heel exceeds 3 cm. However, the flat-soled shoes without heel sandals can be just as harmful because the body weight is not distributed equally across the back. The ideal would then wear a shoe with a low heel or, in case of footwear flat, insert bearing that absorb bumps and the pressure on the back, reserving the high heels to the moments indispensable and avoiding walked long. The sore back in consequence of wrong movements and made ​​cold, maybe when bending to pick up an object more or less heavy. When you lean in these cases it is advisable not to bend in two curving your back but bend your knees until you reach the heavy object and hold it in your hands as close as possible to the chest.

Among the objects in the home and at work, especially for those who make a sedentary lifestyle, pay attention to the chairs, which must be comfortable and ergonomic. When sitting on the pressure that is exerted on the spine is double that which undergoes standing. When you are at the pc is good to keep your elbows resting on the desk and maintain an upright position, not getting up every half hour to maintain the same position for too long tense especially in the cervical area. Exercise is an essential aspect of the prevention of back pain. Unfortunately, when people begin to suffer from this disorder, they decide to abandon the physical activity that previously held. In reality, so the situation can only get worse: the ideal is, in the case of chronic pain or postural problems such as scoliosis, find the right sport for. Swimming, especially the backstroke, has a beneficial effect because it strengthens the muscles of the back and is not likely to result in new or rekindle shock trauma. At the same time you can start a diet to fight, if necessary, overweight situations that increase the chance that you may experience back pain.

A heavy shoulder bag creates an imbalance because it creates pressure on one shoulder must never exceed 10% of the weight of the wearer and is preferable to wear backpacks that distribute the load more evenly.