All those who suffer from hypertension should pay particular attention to their diet. It is about choosing foods that do not adversely affect health. Unfortunately, those suffering from hypertension knows that salt intake is pernicious to the health of its blood circulation and therefore the use of nuts rich in sodium, for seasoning foods, it is definitely not recommended. Let’s see how you can prepare your nut in a healthy manner for hypertension.

First, you must have on your worktop all the ingredients needed to achieve the dice. You have to take the cloves of garlic and remove from the casing, making sure to remove any small residual. The same thing goes for onions and, once cleaned, should be well chopped. Now you have to clean, wash and dry all vegetables and parsley. The carrots should be checked and must be eliminated with a box cutter, the sharp blade, the outer part of them.


Then you have to delete all the strands of celery, parsley stalks and also check the zucchini. At this point you need to cut all the vegetables into small pieces, you can also use a food processor to make the task easier. When all the vegetables have been chopped finely, so as to make one body, you pour the mixture obtained in the ice trays and put them in the freezer.

Once frozen, chopped vegetables putting a cube can be used to flavor soups or meats. The nut homemade vegetable is very fast to prepare, do not take more than a quarter of an hour and a pleasantly inspiration many of the dishes and recipes can be prepared in the kitchen.

The realization of this recipe, following the steps described above, allows you to prepare a nut that does not hurt the health of hypertensive patients, it is tasty and healthy at the same time completely. It is preferable to all nuts bought and also to those made ​​in the home that contain meat. This last ingredient contains inside of sodium and because of that could cause problems to the person who suffers from hypertension. Proceeding with this recipe and paying attention, you can be sure not to miss any kind of flavor in the kitchen, eat healthy and to protect the health of those who have the disorder.