The herbal tea is an effective natural method that can alleviate the symptoms of many diseases, often being an adequate substitute for traditional medicine. One of the pathologies treated with herbal teas is the cough : Let’s see how to prepare an herbal tea effective against cough in a short time and in a completely natural way.

The first infusion will report that has as its main ingredient the sun dew . So let us go buy it in any health food plant extracts. The sun dew is a carnivorous plant rich in active ingredients and plumbago a substance that is very effective in curing cough. The preparation of the herbal tea expected to bring to boil a cup of hot water and infuse for five minutes within 1 gram of extract sun dew. An effective plan to drink at least two cups a day until healed. The sun dew has a high degree of tolerance, must still be careful in hypersensitive individuals or with diseases such as gastric acidity in your stomach.


Another effective herbal tea for coughs used as the main ingredient grinder . In this case they will need two grams of plant extract to boil in 150 ml of water for at least five minutes to see a beneficial effect on symptoms of cough take up to three glasses each day. The grinder is composed of different resins and essential oils but mainly from Samsonite trite Penuche, the latter substance among other things, strong intuitiveness activity. This type of tea is recommended for severe spasms and when the airways are inflamed and so much mucus is produced. Even in this case is to be avoided in hypersensitive individuals.

The two teas are easily prepared and the plants to be used as primary ingredients are easily found in convenient sachets in all health food stores. The advice is to always have a box at home so as to immediately relieve the annoying symptoms of cough from the beginning. are available commercially other therapeutic plants, able to relieve the symptoms of cough, but the two bring in the recipes are described as having a greater efficiency and a more rapid soothing abilities and are highly digestible and tolerable, the basic features for an herbal tea that can be used by anyone and at any time of the day .