There are no more between seasons! How many times have we heard this phrase? In fact this is true, the change in temperature , with a sudden transition from hot to cold and vice versa, does nothing but increase the chances of getting us a bad cold . There is nothing worse than having a blocked nose, which prevents us from breathing freely. Before going to the doctor for us to prescribe antibiotics is convenient to try to use natural methods. In this tutorial I will describe how to prepare an herbal tea for colds.

Some herbal remedies can help us to strengthen our immune system. Among the various healing herbs, the most recommended is ginger, digestive herb considered to reduce nausea and stomach upset. The main ingredient for a good herbal tea , in less than no time will regenerate. We proceed to cut the root ginger, preferably fresh, obtaining two small pieces of about 2-3 cm. We fill a cup of water , just enough to make the tea and oversimple in a saucepan set on high heat. We soak the ginger.


We bring water to the boil, once it reaches the temperature right, we reduce the flame of the stove, after mixing with a wooden spoon, say its lid on the pan, so as not to disperse the natural principles of the root. We wait about 4-5 minutes, the water will be slightly colored, this means that it has absorbed the essence of ginger. We remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture cool slightly. In the meantime, we proceed with the second key ingredient, rich in vitamin C, which will allow us to fight the cold : the lemon . Squeeze a lemon and filter out the juice. We place inside a glass ready to be used.

Once the water has reached the desired temperature, through a mesh strainer to filter out the narrow well inside the bowl, add the lemon gradually stirring with a spoon. Once this is done there is nothing left to add the last key ingredient is, for its antibiotic properties which, by its sweet taste that will allow us to give a touch of sweetness to the tea. Just add a teaspoon and stir until it is well dissolved. A word of advice do not overdo it with the honey otherwise the tea will be sickening. A cup of this herbal tea and you can say goodbye to your cold!.