The word “asana” means “location” and includes the very different postures assumed during the practice of yoga, but despite this discipline, originally, was very different from that commonly practiced nowadays, the basic techniques are largely the same, and are aimed at relaxation, to meditation and as a general objective, to spiritual realization. It represents, in short, a true philosophy of life, and drill through the asanas, in order of increasing difficulty. Let’s see how, wanting to practice yoga, practice the yoga positions on his shoulders.


In yoga, the position on the shoulders, along with the location on the head and the position of the “clamp”, are the three asanas deemed absolutely sufficient to keep the body in perfect health, but remember that they are complex exercises, should not be underestimated and which come after careful practice with simpler ones. They require a good deal of agility, agility and balance. The position on the shoulders, in particular, revitalizes and rejuvenates the entire body. We always pay close attention to breathing during the execution of such practices (asanas should come to this when we are already able to better control our breathing).

We reach so (with the instructions as stated below ): lie down on your back on the floor with your legs together and arms at his sides. We keep your palms facing down. deeply inhale, and, pushing on the hands, push your body up. So raise your legs in a very upright and straight above us. At this point, after having found the necessary balance, slowly raise the pelvis and bring the legs at the top, over the head. We will have to do in order to form an angle of about forty-five degrees. In this way, you stretch the cervical vertebrae and neck, and are stimulated the thyroid and parathyroid glands by means of the pressure of the chin on the throat.

Initially, the position may seem a little complicated, but with the right degree of relaxation and some arrangement we get used to the posture. This position also promotes abdominal breathing as it restricts the use of the upper part of the lungs . According to the yogis, this is a good position for meditation. We use always suits very comfortable and absolutely not cumbersome to practice yoga.