Since ancient times in India was practiced Ayurvedic medicine, considered the real and its official medicine of the people of India. The Ayurvedic medicine, divided between medical practices of care and prevention, seems to greatly improve the lives and their health status. Ayurvedic medicine is recognized in almost all the world as a non-conventional medicine that employs the use of minerals, metals herbs and massage. Let’s see how to practice Ayurvedic massage .

According to the Ayurvedic medicine the body of each individual consists of three different forms of energy, called dosha , considered of vital energies, they are: Vita, Pitta and Katha finally; 5 below correspond to each dosha dosha: according to Ayurvedic medicine the dosha imbalance causes diseases and illnesses both physical and mental. Ayurvedic therapies are aimed at restoring such balance through special exercises that include breathing and yoga.


The average length of a good Ayurvedic massage , is about an hour. The basic technique uses operations that include soft, gentle massage, performed with the palms of your hands, kneading true and right, which is implemented with the pads of your fingers and thumb, including small taps (percussion closed fist) carried out on all body districts that are generally used in acupuncture and which are in number of forty.

During the massage the patient experiences a form of rest and relaxation adopting remarkable, almost automatically, slowed breathing, the latter may make use of deeper, slower breaths remember, in fact, that good breathing is very useful to awaken the ‘vital energy that is within each of us. Such practices Ayurvedic massage and breathing, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, tone the tissues, detoxifying the body and causing a state of well-being and mental balance physical, causing severe mental relaxation The environment in which to perform the massage must be appropriate: a room well ventilated, quiet with lights are not very strong, you can listen to relaxing music in the background and use appropriate use of scented candles and The patient will undress incense and be put at ease about comfortable facilities, the therapist will have to speak slowly and softly, the atmosphere generated will have to be in tune with the technique of massage.