The abdominal muscles are very important for our body. Training them daily and in a consistent manner we can get the benefit of both the physical point of view, as they eliminate the fat that accumulate in the critical points such as the belly and the hips, both from the psychological point of view because burn fat helps to relax and distract mentally. A good habit is therefore to perform a series of abdominal exercises at least three times a week.

There are many abdominal exercises that we can practice and switch to not risk too bored while practicing them, as to achieve more sustainable and visible in the time you need a daily workout for at least 10-15 minutes. The most simple to perform your abs are made ​​on the ground.


Primarily a mat to avoid causing trauma to the back: Assume a relaxed position, with your back well supported on the ground and belly facing up, hands clasped behind his head and legs apart and bent in such a way that your heels off the ground. From this position raise your upper body, trying not to absolutely remove your hands from your head and keeping your chin upright and climb up to almost touch the knees. We repeat this movement for 30 times, then stop for about a minute. In this way we allow our muscles that worked to relax. After the minute rest repeat the exercise two more times, always intercollegiate with a minute of rest.

Another simple exercise is the reverse crunch. From the ground, lying down, bring your legs as if we were in the sitting position. The arms this time will be elongated and stretched out to his sides with his palm facing the ground. Also helping with the palms of your hands to the momentum, make sure to lift your hips off the floor, keeping your back resting on the ground and then return to the starting position. Repeat the movement for 30 times, then rest for about a minute. Then repeat again for a total of 60 times, resting for a minute or more to the thirtieth bending. Another abdominal exercise, suitable for the more advanced is the so-called “sandwich” that allows you to work the upper and lower abdominals. Assume initially a lying position on the floor, with your back well supported on the ground, with arms outstretched at our head. At this point, bringing your torso to our knees, bow down at the same time bringing them to no, lifting them off the ground (it is as if we embrace our knees) and then we will to assume the reclining position. We repeat this exercise for 30 times, doing 3 sets, resting one minute between sets and the other .