Anger is one of the most common feelings and more frequent: this state of mind puts pressure on our physical and our psyche. But you can learn how to manage and overcome these moments of anger that occasionally can prevail on our personalities. In this guide, we’ll see exactly how to overcome moments of anger analyzing some effective methods.

If the anger is very frequent will be helpful to write on a notebook all the situations that, within a week, they made ​​us angry. At the end of the week you seeing an account of the reasons and circumstances that have given us this state of mind. At the end of course you will see that there were common motifs in all situations that have made ​​trigger mechanism: at this point, ask yourself “what can I do to prevent ‘why’ still make me angry?” It would be appropriate, therefore, to avoid all situations that may cause arouse in us the moments of anger.


To overcome the anger in the moment just after the incident can be helpful to take a few minute break in which to sit and take a deep breath that will help to relax the nerves and reduce the pulsations of the heart. To relax completely it is necessary that we empty our minds and we do not think the incident: therefore put some soothing music, read the newspaper or play with your pet. Not only thinking about the fact that there has angered might overcome the anger.

If anger is a feeling that prevails on our personality and it is due to people or very specific behaviors , it is definitely helpful to keep a diary in which he speaks frequently of what makes us angry: it is better to write the anger that transform In actions in this diary you can talk to anyone and attitudes annoying that it assumes. Once you have written down the anger you will feel more relieved because in this way we voiced the sentiment that Sometimes we feel bad.

However, the fact remains that talk with a knowledgeable person helps a lot: we have a person who listens without counter can help you get a feel understood and definitely brings a physical and mental relief . Remember that anger is a human emotion and therefore do not make any mistakes in test it, but from people who are mature and who are in control of yourself, you will do well to hold off this feeling and overcome it every time that you try it!