The dental health is of paramount importance, as everything about our bodies, and for this reason it is recommended a periodic visit to assess any problems or the presence of tooth decay , so to be able to intervene in time. With this guide we will see together how to overcome fear of dentists to be able to tackle such a visit in peace and avoid getting caught by anxiety and panic. Lets talk about how to overcome fear of dentists.

fear of dentists

Many people, because of the fear of pain, have difficulty to face visit with a dentist and the operations necessary for the health of their teeth. But we must not underestimate the fact that control themselves periodically is important; in this way we can prevent the development of any cavities and with simple repairs superficial , faster and less troublesome, we can achieve satisfactory and lasting. Even the care and daily cleaning of our teeth are essential: we try to be effective and regular in these operations, so as to limit the interventions at the dentist. Also choose a suitable clinic is crucial: valuation more than one, in order to find the one that gives us the most comfortable environment and the staff more accommodating. To this end, some dentists have studied a ‘setting suited to reduce fear and anxiety, with pleasant music and images to put as much as possible the patient at ease.

Before the visit we will have to have the foresight to distract and avoid negative thoughts to not accumulate anxiety : many people were afraid to go to the dentist because of previous and disappointing experiences, which put them in the position of not being able to double check your status mood. It is significant therefore rationally analyze our mindset, to be able to make really realize that there is no valid reason for agitating, because not feel pain thanks to anesthesia and at the same dentist will give us help when we were unfortunately feel bad. It is therefore advisable to consult your doctor first, to cover all stages of the visit and what we are doing. But for some, a little more reassuring not know in advance the visit in all its details, but focus instead on images unrelated to the situation and relaxing . Also have with us the music to be heard may have a great calming effect.

It is also fundamental to have the right company: Let accompanied by a trusted person and quiet character, which we know how to brighten with the right words. Engage in a dialogue with the dentist and assistants is also useful: we can trust them our concerns and reassure us. Finally, we can take sedatives, prescription or the dentist himself, or of natural mild sedative such as Valerian or chamomile. The last thing we act on breathing with the specific exercises, so as to slow the heart rate and maintain control.