The brain uses two types of memory: long and short term. This stores information immediate and recent data (the name of a stranger or a crossing point). The temporary loss of memory short term is a common problem and affects all walks of life. The causes are: an accidental fall . A slight TIA , alcoholism and general aging. The momentary disturbance affects the daily life of the patient . The inability to remember recent events or actions confuses and scares. To overcome the loss of memory in the short term, the affection and closeness of family and friends are important. Here are some tips on how to behave and small useful tips daily .

short term memory

The relatives are the only point of reference for a patient suffering from memory loss in the short term . Often, with the aid of photographs, phrases, words, with absolute discretion and patience, traced back to the person to reality. The loss of short term memory involves the non-recognition of some people. Sometimes so you need to explain who they are, tactfully. Remember that even a small detail can awaken an angle of memory. To overcome the temporary loss of short term memory it takes guts, both by relatives and friends of the patient.

Conversation deal with the patient. Help him remember, even with the aid of an album of recent photographs or keepsakes. These small devices allow you to connect the memories and return to reality. Positively incite the brain that responds to any stimulus, even in the seemingly most insignificant, like a perfume, a flavor. A melody or a gesture routine. This phase requires a lot of discretion, patience and fortitude. Not discouraged the patient never, under any circumstances.

The disturbance of the loss of short term memory is not resolved with miraculous tablets or medical care. However you can relieve. During the initial phase, in fact, try to better organize their lives. Pontificate day by day. Walk into a kind of routine to streamline the quality of existence. Guaranteed to the brain proper rest (the canonical 8 hours of sleep daily) and a healthy diet, based on fruits, vegetables, lean protein and fish oil . In addition, trained daily short-term memory with simple logic games online and beyond. Try it!