The neck massage is a very useful remedy to overcome this disorder. In fact, the causes that can trigger this problem are varied, such as: a bad posture, or sudden changes in temperature, stress, tension and sedentary lifestyle. According to one recent survey of those most affected by this nuisance are just employees, as being sitting in front of the computer for many hours, the position assumes that definitely is not the most correct. But also the emotional stress plays a role, in fact forced to accumulate tension, the neck tends to stiffen. Therefore massaging the neck, helps not only to dissolve physically muscular contractions, but at the same time produces the effects definitely positive, even in the mental aspect. Due to the massage techniques that will list now, you can beat insomnia, nervousness and stress.

The first thing to do is to tilt your head, first to the right and then left, and waxing to breathe so quiet. According always sit, you can do a light massage to the neck, using your fingertips, making the light movements, circular and not too pronounced. With this technique, the pain from stress should subside. But to get the right result, you must have serenity, and above all be relaxed trying to remove from the mind all sorts of problems.


Another massage self treatment that can be done easily at home or in the office, it is the reflex of the hand, which is to massage the only externally thumb of both hands. The relief will surely be instantaneous. This method is also very useful for those who suffer from tension headaches. Moreover to make a good Massage therapy is also recommended to use essential oils suitable for both relaxation of the body and to the wellbeing of the skin. So use chamomile oil, it is a blessing to greatly reduce the inflammation of any kind. Due to its beneficial properties, it gives a cooling effect to the skin, and in addition is very effective to fight muscular problems and rheumatism.

Do not overlook the fact supply a good and healthy nutrition can alleviate symptoms. So you need to increase your intake of vitamin D, which is contained especially in anchovies, salmon and tuna Take at least 1.5 liters of water bottled in a high percentage of calcium in large quantities Eating vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, almonds and walnuts.