If you are not yet ready or ready for swimsuit season this year, it should start to follow an effective diet that makes you lose weight in a few days, in safely . Today we will speak of the Fast Diet , or rather “method 5/2”. It is called “method 5/2” because, two days out of five, should fast completely, and the remaining three you can safely eat normally. This diet has gained his reputation in England and the United States, but a few months ago in this part , also in Italy is starting to catch on. Michael Mosley was the creator of this diet, which is perfect for those who have missed the pounds in a short time , and especially not willing to make sacrifices at the table. Clearly this type of diet is recommended to those who have problems with diabetes, or not located in was interesting , or whatever. So if you wanted to follow a diet, it is always best to consult with a doctor. Today we will explain a number of simple and short steps , step by step, how to make a fast diet.

fast diet

This diet program is based on the principle that two days of semi-abstinence (in which the woman should take a maximum of 500 calories and man maximum 600), would speed up the metabolism. In the remaining five days, you can eat and drink normally, allowing himself some little whim . As with any diet , you have to drink at least a liter and a half of mineral water a day and make the move (even a half-hour walk a day for those who are not sports).

In the two days of semi- fasting, calories can be taken in one meal, or maybe divided between breakfast and dinner or more snacks. There are no rigid schemes or tables complicated to follow. For those who do not know how best to allocate the meals, you can get help from a nutritionist, or download from the Internet menu type. The Fast Diet can be followed for three weeks and lose up to 3 kg.

Breakfast should be done early in the morning and dinner at around 20, so as to observe the twelve hours of abstinence from food. What foods should be given priority? And lean protein foods such as fish, eggs, poultry, low fat dairy products. You should eat carbohydrates with low glycemic index. You should deploy the morning cereal, fruits and vegetables in the remaining meals. A pattern type for the two-day semi fasting may be this: for the first day breakfast includes 100 grams of plain yogurt with 30 grams of fat grains and 100 grams of fresh blueberries.