To make a smoothie of vitamins you need to choose the right fruits and vegetables, and is ideal especially in the summer, for a total daily diet. The fresh fruit is the most natural way to quench their thirst, and provide the body with all the substances it needs. In this guide we see, therefore, how to make a smoothie of vitamins.

how to make a smoothie

The smoothie is the best way to quench their thirst in the summer, when temperatures are very high, and is suitable both for breakfast and for a snack, but can also be an excellent alternative to the midday meal. To do so, just buy the fresh fruit and milk in a supermarket, as well as having a blender.

The first recipe is quick to prepare a smoothie of low-fat yogurt and vitamin C; In fact, you have to peel the ripe kiwi and cut into small pieces, then pour them into the blender along with the orange juice and lemon. The compound must blend for a few minutes, until we see more pieces of fruit, and then add the brown sugar and yogurt and continue to whisk until it becomes quite creamy. When finished, we pour the mixture into a container and put it in the fridge to cool, and at the time of serving, add a slice of kiwi on the glass.

Another recipe is the banana smoothie , rich in vitamins and potassium, ideal for our children that they love the flavor of this fruit. In this case, we cut the banana slices in a bowl and add the milk, and pour all in a whisk until the mixture is creamy and smooth. If we want to make a smoothie with a mix of fruit, then we peel the kiwi, peaches and strawberries and make small pieces, and finally add the bananas, to prevent them from becoming dark. These fruits we put them in the blender and add the milk, then until mixture is smooth. After we pour it into glasses and we add a little ‘of whipped cream, to give a taste even more delicious.