The back massages are varied and there is a treatment for virtually every need, whether it’s remedy a disorder or just a session with the aim of relaxation . Place for a serious treatment and well done you should always turn to the professionals, we see in this guide how to make a simple relaxing massage with the sole purpose of relaxing after a tiring day .

back massage

The back massage is undoubtedly the most widespread: those who have never heard his mother ask for a massage at the end of the day , perhaps in front of the television? In vocational schools where we deal with various treatments such as Shiatsu, Tui Na , Thai etc. , The relaxing massage is considered perhaps the most classic. The experts to whom we rely increasingly using creams or certain types of oil and then apply CPR with his own hands. For some types of massage you need even of the elbows but is not provided for the aid of any object.

As regards the simple relaxing massage , performed at home, they are sufficient some notions, the most simple, beyond which it is better not to try. Indeed, it is not recommended to perform delicate operations or specific type of massage if you do not have the right skills, because you could have the opposite effect to that intended: the relaxation . So, if you are not proficient, you do not go over what you will read in the next step of this guide.

Started to massage very gently, starting from the nape, falling down to the shoulders with rotations time using three fingers. Reached behind him, take them between your hands slightly increasing the efforts he made ​​on the upper back (the back).

Now put your palm on the shoulder blade, and do little pressure, rubbing back and forth so as to cause a slight vibration massage that area. Gently slide your hands down my spine for extending to the thighs and then up again wrapping the skin under your hands. Do not always push in the middle of the back, spine, because being a rather delicate replenishing of causing physical injury to the one that lends itself to your treatment homemade. In any case, always remember that even the simplest of massage is much safer if done by a professional, while in the specific case of the relaxing massage , you will feel certainly on another planet in the skilled hands of a qualified massage therapist.