Being treated with the feet has never been as nice as in shiatsu ( massage with the feet); use your feet to a massage, in fact, bring greater well-being because you can not give more pressure on the body to be treated and to use a larger area , In fact, the feet have on average a surface of 30% larger than that of the hands. The first massages were already practiced 2000-3000 years ago by Japanese and Chinese as toning and rejuvenating for the soldiers who were about to face the battles. Since the early ’90s this treatment began to spread to Europe and, even today, is used to ease muscle tension, joint stiffness, relieve fatigue and relax.

The treatment is done by a specialist who not coincidentally is located in a vertical position and exerts pressure on the non-random critical points. According to the Indian medicine, in fact, in each of us there are two spirits opposites such as yin is the feminine and yang that instead represents the masculine side. The flow of yin comes from the earth while the yang from the sky , feet, therefore, represent the earth and the massage performed by the operator in the vertical, perhaps making use of any means of support, allows you to connect with the sky and the achievement of balance between the two flow that lead to mental and physical wellbeing.


But how is it done exactly the massage? The steps to follow are few but intense and shall be made ​​exclusively in the prone position (except for pregnant women), perhaps using massage oils. The customer must stand in the position lying on a bed, dressed in loose, comfortable clothing or covered with towels, the therapist, in a vertical position, exerts the necessary pressure on the body with the feet, with the help of support elements such as ropes, bars, benches in order to distinguish the different pressures to be exerted.

The massage can also be performed using the oils that are applied with the sole of the foot, then practicing draining movements, and stimulating lymph decontracting. The movements ranging from the trunk to the extremities have draining effects, promote blood circulation and oxygenation of the tissues, the movements performed from the extremities to the heart, however, counteract the swelling and promote venous flow. This treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to release tension, joint locks and eliminate stress, is recommended for any type of person (sports, man, woman and teenager) and at the end of treatment always generates a feeling of overall well-being.