Hypertension has become one of the most common diseases in recent years for all age groups, is a medical condition that may not even make symptoms, and this is why most severe for which you have to check it periodically. The pressure causes high can be of any kind: food, stress , heredity, body weight , physical inactivity and many others. It is paradoxical but the causes may be the solution as: proper nutrition, practicing sports , the psychological tranquility , weight loss . All of us will cure the sport and try to explain how to do to lower your blood pressure with the sport.

The practice of sport, if done well is one of the most efficient remedies to combat high blood pressure. It should be practiced several times in a week, between the sports best suited to achieve good results highlight practiced aerobics combined with moderately long walks briskly, swimming is the best sport in full is very efficient along with gymnastics which have a almost immediate effect. It is statistically proven that a half an hour of aerobic exercise can cause a lowering of the pressure for the 13 hours.


Another sport very useful against this disease is because cycling is a sport that allows you to work much the legs and at the same time lose weight faster. It can be practiced on the road or in the gym with exercise bike, you can choose the type of fatigue is in a case in the other. On the street you can use a mixed route: climb, plain, down while in the gym, you can set the tool on the basis of speed and heaviness of the pedals.

It is worth mentioning the fact that sport brings many benefits to the cardiovascular system in fact be another statistic that was made ​​was that a subject who practice sports is much less likely to develop hypertension as opposed to another person who is living in sedentary lifestyle , in fact the risk is already born children if they are not immediately initiated a regular physical activity and constant. In each case the physical movement as: gardening, housework, walking, sports activities which are not, however, have therapeutic effect made ​​for lowering the pressure.