Statins are medicines for people who want to lower cholesterol, but many may replace them with a proper diet and exercise.

The percentage of people with high cholesterol taking statins in the world is high. But increasingly are voices raised to recommend proper diets and exercise to lower bad cholesterol (LDL). High cholesterol comes from a combination of genetics and diet itself. Eating with things high in saturated fat, such as butter, croissants and cream (cream), and red and processed meats such as sausages and fast food junk, increased cholesterol, as well as familial genetic predisposition. This increases cholesterol is called bad LDL, which is what can accumulate on the walls of blood vessels to reduce atheroma formation through the blood circulation, thereby increasing the risk of an attack cardiovascular.

Mediterranean Diet to combat cardiovascular disease

Time recently highlighted these recommendations, by a study conducted in Spain , which highlighted that a Mediterranean diet could reduce heart disease attacks and mortality rates for people at high risk of developing these diseases. By eating more fruits, nuts , vegetables, fish, whole grains, plant sterols, fiber and olive oil, and less red meat, pasta, processed foods, fatty, fatty dairy and pastries, study participants decreased their risk of attack heart by about one third.


Statins and the “invincible effect”

These new findings fit with a stream of emerging medical opinion suggesting that the need of statins for patients with high cholesterol, is exaggerated. Some experts even believe that lowering cholesterol with drugs too can cause other health problems such as memory loss and depression, not to mention other normal side effects of these drugs.

A change of lifestyle and information for high cholesterol

Would only be necessary in many cases lifestyle change to reduce cholesterol. But high cholesterol is similar to hypertension, because no actual symptoms as opposed to obesity can not be diagnosed at a glance. The only way to find out if you have high cholesterol is a analysis this should be done by all those over 40 years at least once a year, especially if there is a family history of cardiovascular disease.

Statins and medical consultation

If your cholesterol level is too high, or if there are several other risk factors, you may be required to control a statin. Statins work by blocking cholesterol production in the liver and may reduce that level between 20% and 40%. It is generally well tolerated drug and very safe, but like all medicines, have side effects, such as muscle aches when starting treatment or mentioned forgetfulness and depression. However evidence shows its efficacy, particularly in the prevention of a second heart attack.

But opinions are not uniform over whether healthy people with high cholesterol should take them, especially is still out on its effectiveness for women , especially after menopause. The conclusion is that all this means that well worth asking your doctor about whether to lower cholesterol need to resort to medication or can adopt tools available to anyone and have to do with a change in lifestyle: exercise adequate physical quit smoking, control overweight or obesity and primarily adopt a diet change heavy consumption of saturated fats, processed foods, dairy, fatty and fried.