When the blood pressure no longer follows a physiological path that leads to the rise and fall depending on the time of day but, on the contrary, it stabilizes on excessively high values, you have to run for cover to avoid damage to the kidneys, heart and to the brain. Timely interventions can lower blood pressure naturally, without resorting to drugs, by simply following a style of healthy and balanced life . In the following guide, in this regard, we will discover some tips on how to lower blood pressure in a natural way .

lower blood pressure

There is no doctor in the world who do not advice, to combat high blood pressure, reduce the daily intake of salt. It should, however, take into account that it is hidden in many foods, of course, be replaced, restricted or completely eliminated. Frozen food, for example, should be particularly monitored since come to hold very considerable quantity of sodium . To flavor dishes without adding too much salt can make use of herbs, spices and, above all, a garlic and onion that prove excellent antagonists hypertension. If your way of life imposes on you to have meals ready to thaw the solution may be to cook them yourself and then divide them into portions ready for freezing.

The same speech also applies to in oil and pickles, which you can easily prepare with your hands by limiting, in that sense, the salt intake; Also ready-made sauces, in particular that of soybeans, possess a sodium content of high and will go as far as possible, be replaced with special “surrogate”. In this way you can use a more healthy and homegrown mix of oil and vinegar to avoid incurring hypertensive crisis. Forget also canned food, preserved meat and snacks such as chips and you get used similar, albeit gradually, to consider them as potential enemies; as last limited consumption of cheese in particular of the aged.

Good news, however, for hypertension sweet tooth: dark chocolate contains flavoring that keep precious healthy blood vessels. Green light also to bananas that provide potassium and have the advantage of reducing blood pressure and, for the same reason, also off the consumption of potatoes. Once cured the supply side, the second imperative to be taken will be relative to the movement: do 30-40 minute walk daily. If this is not possible you try to have cut out at least 3 times a week to devote to a sport of your liking; swimming, biking and jogging prove most suitable to promote an improvement in blood pressure . These measures also contribute to reducing the rate of cholesterol in the blood and, consequently, will make you keep blood pressure under control.