Obesity is a phenomenon that is spreading very quickly especially among young people and children. Unbalanced diet, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle or physical activity almost absent or incorrect, a pregnancy, are the main reasons that condemn a state of malaise not only aesthetic and non-acceptance of their own bodies, but also to serious problems of health. A higher weight, in fact, is the main cause of fatigue of the heart and liver, affecting not last for the kidneys. This guide is primarily aimed at those who want to lose weight but who for various reasons have failed. As a result, they are not recommended strict diets or miracle potions, but will only suggested remedies for weight loss, taking into account two main factors: the mind and body.


HEALTHY MIND IN HEALTHY BODY: Decide you want to lose weight is a voluntary act dictated by an aesthetic or health . The most difficult, especially for those who need to eliminate several pounds, is to keep the good intentions, even if you feel demoralized and exhausted to the slowness of the results. It is essential to set goals at par with their own needs and never leave them, otherwise every attempt to achieve a healthy weight will be in vain. We must be strong and fight to the finish.

REVIEW THE DIET: Having fixed the objectives to be achieved, it is important to check the power supply. Remember, however, that the fad diets and “do it yourself” can lead to weight loss, but it does help to eliminate excess fat. Depending on the case, then you need to consult a good dietician, who will be able to identify the problem and draw up a program suited to individual needs. That is in any case the rule of never skip the 3 main meals and even split them at other times during the course of the day, to maintain active metabolism and avoid weigh you down for lunch or dinner. Will be halved fries, carbohydrates, fats and salt mainly. Will need to drink about 2 liters of water daily to cleanse the body naturally and eliminate retention.