It may seem strange to think that you can lose weight by practicing yoga, but it’s true. Those who follow yoga classes knows that it is a rich practical benefits for the health of your body. Not everyone knows that thanks to yoga, you can achieve a sense of balance in both mind and spirit that favors the resolution of problems, such as that of overweight.

Because yoga helps all vital functions, including digestion and metabolism, pushes the body to burn as many calories. If you do so that the practice of yoga you join part of everyday life, you will enjoy excellent benefits, without which the body is subjected to physical stress than any other sport would require. Specific exercises and positions that help the metabolism, can also make you lose 50 calories in 15 minutes.


When practiced regularly, yoga helps the activity of the endocrine system, regularizing the assimilation of food properly. Benefits the blood circulation, with a stabilization of the blood pressure to normal values ​​and thus avoiding the rise of those states of psycho-physical stress that lead to the increase of body weight. Some exercises tone the body, making the muscles stronger and flexible, and with a greater expenditure of energy by promoting weight loss. Also of great importance are all exercises involving breathing that promote the regeneration of cells and the elimination of toxins in the blood.

Due to the practice of yoga, psychological well-being leads to a greater acceptance of themselves, with a balance of mind which eliminates the need to compensation eating. Lots of people under stress psychological, do not recognize the feeling of satiety if you do not until you feel your stomach quite full. For all these reasons yoga proves to be important and of great benefit if practiced every day. The results of weight loss with the practice of yoga, are visible after some time, they are not immediate, however they arrive. Only through yoga one is able to achieve a good state of mind and peace that could cause the body to lose weight. Often do diets, without the body is in a psycho-physical balance, does not bear any benefit, and you will not get good result. If you have reached that state of optimism and are very sure you want to lose weight, practice yoga is very useful. But we must remember that the exercises are not enough to lose weight, but you need to follow a balanced lifestyle. It should also be thinking that you can eat anything, you still have to follow a balanced diet.