Summer, time of sea, beaches and pools. The fateful and dreaded costume fitting! The modern rhythms unfortunately contrasts with the ability to take care of our body as we would like, working every day to work and family. But at least for our holidays, we try to get back on form losing the pounds accumulated during the year, dropping to once forced diets and too restrictive. How to lose weight with the metabolic circuit.

Every human body in different ways depending on the age, sex and physicality, has its own metabolism, the system of chemical reactions that allow the body to transform food that is taken in molecules (proteins, glucose etc.). The speed of this process influences on the increase or the decrease of weight. The more a metabolism will be faster and more easily be produced and burned the molecules and as a result the calories and vice versa. Having thus a slowed metabolism and lazy facilitates the accumulation of fat and weight.


Generally, any type of physical activity contributes to an increased burning of calories in excess and in principle all workouts and sports are indicated. But if our goal is solely to lose those 4 or 5 Chiclets too according to the “dress rehearsal”, without curing the sporty look or muscle, we must focus our efforts on a type of training called your “metabolic”. As a tool it will take some simple weights used with the movement of the “squat”, uploading so your back and leg muscles. In this way almost all the large muscle groups are involved simultaneously. It will be necessary with 2 or 3 sets of exercises interspersed with just 40 seconds pause . Ten sets per day will be sufficient.

The next step evolve into other completion exercises, such as hand weights with lifting upward; lunges with lateral extensions and lifting exercises at 45 degrees and on the ground with the method of crunch V, ie lying on the ground you get with arms outstretched to the tips of the feet Once you get a good regularity with this type of exercise, you can skip to the next step, inserting a pre-heating phase consisting of 5-10 minutes of jogging, stationary bike, or step.

The frequency of workouts must be at least 3 times a week, focusing on should there be the possibility , the late afternoon hours (from 18), because at that time of day, our metabolism is at its maximum brightness. In this way, your body will be able to burn excess calories during the exercises, but also during the subsequent rest, as it is stimulated in their metabolism lazy.