A perfect combination for a healthy diet , is to match the physical exercises and essential oils . The latter are in fact, able to produce a fantastic result for the people trying to throw out a few more pounds and easily. In this regard, here is a guide on how to lose weight with essential oils.

how to lose weight

The essential oils have been shown to not only help you lose weight, but to keep it under control. To get a positive result, it may be necessary for the person to make some changes to lifestyle; In fact, using essential oils, it can also help the body to burn stored fat and at the same time to remove toxins accumulated.

Other benefits of essential oils for weight loss, are to reduce fluid retention in the body, and with their aroma help fight the emotional stress . In the next steps of this guide, we focus on the oil essential peppermint and lemon. The use of essential oil of mint peppermint, primarily serves to suppress the desire for food; In fact, there is a part of the brain that gives us the feeling of being satisfied, and the use of this oil helps increase the production of serotonin, thus decreasing the craving for food. A recent study on the effectiveness of the essential oil of peppermint, has shown that people who aspire had less desire to eat, also has been shown to be effective to relieve stomach ailments. This oil is also rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin C. To use it well, you can then inhale, or add a few drops in a glass of water or a drink, and this method also reduces appetite, so it’s ideal use of the early morning .

The lemon essential oil is effective in ridding intestinal parasites, which are a major source of weight gain. This oil is also able to increase energy, speeding up the metabolism, and is also indicated to get rid of excess toxins, and when combined with the inhalant as peppermint, proves to be an excellent appetite suppressant. The recommended use is to apply it on the body for a relaxing massage and especially around areas with cellulite, or mixing it with drinking water before eating, as it helps to detoxify the body.