Recently my doctor diagnosed me with hypoglycemia. For those suffering from the same problem or know about it, know that the ally is hypoglycemic hypoglycemic or food, we can not let more than two or three hours without food and keep our sugar levels stable. This obviously will result in a problem for our weight and in my particular case so to feel good eating whatever was within reach at every turn, gaining a few extra pounds and not only that, it begins to feel the heaviness also by inside the box and hypoglycemia worsens. So how to balance the need to eat with a stable weight , fortunately lose weight while eating is possible without gimmicks, pills, or any other over-exertion, rather than simply knowing what and when to eat.

Healthy Habits at lunchtime

There are many myths about dieting or multiple bad advice on how to lose weight , so it is best to go with our doctor to properly advise us on the subject, especially if you have a special need. However there are basic rules that can help us all to eat properly and especially when it is due.



The breakfast, as well we told our mother is the most important meal of the day, hence the name Des-fast, which means that with this first food we will end up with the fast of 5-8 hours that we had at night, so as wake eat before performing your first activities. This not only hunger but also be satisfied regular your sugar levels, even to get either this or to prevent it, a dish hearty breakfast and not just a cup of coffee and a slice of bread.


The snacks are those small meals that are made ​​from heavy meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). If you usually eat breakfast at 9am, eat lunch at 2:30 pm and dinner at 7pm, then you can take a snack at 11:30 am, 4:30 pm and 9pm for example. Remember that you are diabetic, hypoglycemic, padezcas of gastritis or not, should not be left to spend more than three hours without eating. At lunchtime, do it in small dishes but well served, with this you are sending a signal to your brain satiety , otherwise if you serve the same amount on a large plate. Another recommendation is to take your drink to the end of the meal, not just with water.

What to eat and what not?

Unlike so many diets that restrict you with food, types and quantities, what we are doing with these recommendations is to create eating habits and not just a temporary diet. You’ll be happy to know that you can eat a variety of foods such as chicken, fish, meat, legumes, vegetables, fruits, etc, The real key is to limit fats, dairy and simple carbohydrates, everything fried bread, pasta , sweets, etc. Whether you remove it completely from your diet or consume very sporadically.

If you’re hungry and you’re on the street avoid eating chocolates, cookies, chips, chopped fruit best you load a full sandwich, etc. With this system you will feel a big change not only your weight but your general well-being as well as your image and internal levels. Why? Simply knowing that you’re eating healthy so I will not go hungry or you limit your body, unlike most times you can eat your fill and really.