The weight is a problem for many people, you let go and weekend entertainment and good food , you spend the beautiful summer vacation, forgetting all the good intentions and diets made ​​in the course of the year and so in a short time, we see that the balance tends to rise and that our physique to put on some “donut” too, and here you are trying to run for cover: there is a weapon of patience and starting a diet to lose a little weight ‘. Let’s see how to lose weight after the summer.

The first thing to do is definitely a good resume physical activity , the sport tones muscles, helps the body to stay fit and undoubtedly makes us burn a lot ‘of fat, especially if it is a sport which we propose a ‘aerobic activity, or prolonged movement, whether it be running, dancing, swimming, tennis or cycling, will not need to perform strenuous activity but rather long, so you will burn fat effectively.


In addition to physical activity you will have to assist the whole, with a diet adequate. We will not consume excessively, sweets, fried foods, added fats and reduce the use of carbohydrates, limiting consumption only to the hours during the day, while at night we could follow a ‘diet rich in protein (meat and fish preferably grilled) , along with the vegetables, whether raw or cooked will provide us with a substantial supply of minerals and vitamins . Even the alcoholic beverages will be avoided as they provide a lot of calories high, this especially for hard liquor, but remember that even the wine and beer as sugary soft drinks , contribute to our diet a good number of calories, so if you want to lose weight quickly, avoid consuming these drinks.

Even for what concerns the condiments we have to do a little ‘attention, limited the use of butter, margarine and oil, and use of dietary sweeteners, better still limited their use of sugar, sugar and sweets ( including candy and chocolate), are the main enemies of a healthy diet designed to lose weight quickly. So taken a good supply of Mediterranean type, boater carbohydrates and protein for lunch along with vitamins in the evening, try to practice a physical activity, and remember that a sedentary lifestyle and the jobs that force you to spend many hours sitting, do not help maintain a good weight, in this case a healthy sport will do just fine as well as your weight, even your physical well-being , the muscles and joints will gain a great benefit.