For every new mother comes time to deal with the extra pounds taken during pregnancy and also during lactation. At this point the question is: what is the most appropriate way to retrieve the ideal weight without too much stress and as quickly as possible? Here’s how, according to experts.

THE MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD: To regain our weight and our ideal line is essential that we practice daily movements designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles . These exercises are quite tiring but it is really worth it because they involve the area of our body which has been put to the test during the pregnancy .


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO COME BACK IN SHAPE: Of course, the earlier you start and the first results of our efforts will be visible. One of the key things is, however, to practice the movements on a regular basis and, more importantly, with a daily frequency. The response of the body varies from person to person, but on average it can be said that it will take about a couple of months.

WHICH EXERCISES: The exercises that we will remake back in shape are not complicated and, once broken the ice, will be even less tiring. The advice is to start three weeks after childbirth and run daily. This practice, if constant, will be enough to give us our ideal form, but care must be taken to perform the exercises correctly.

TONE FOR THE GLUTEAL: These exercises are performed lying down in a supine position with your hands at your hips and knees bent. From this position you raise your pelvis at the same time throwing out of the air with his mouth open and contracting the abdomen. Again using the abdominal muscles contract is maintained this position for a few seconds then return to the original one. These exercises are to be stepped up gradually until you reach ten repetitions.