When we decide to put on a diet, we must be aware that it will surely have an action that requires many sacrifices so much willpower. A balanced diet and well balanced allows us to lose a pound a week only, In this way, even if it can seem like an eternity that we will use the time to lose the excess pounds, we would have the certainty that we are on the right track. Let’s see how you can lose inches around the waist .

For best results, you must match the diet to a healthy and targeted exercise. Separate these two things lead to the results however, joined the other hand the results are really good. Physical activity will still have to cover a period of time equal to 5 days a week, the duration of each workout can be from 15 minutes to an hour. Before you start both diet and physical activity to realize the actual results write on a sheet the size of your waistline in this way, week after week, you’re sure to see your real progress. With more see approaching the finish line and you will feel more encouraged to continue. To take measurements, take a tape measure, positioned in front of the mirror, now passes the tape measure around the waistline, of course, must be placed on the skin and not on clothes, raise your head and looking straight your reflection in the mirror, take the measure. From this moment part of your battle against centimeters too.


Let’s take a look at what exercises are indicated for this purpose. Those most suitable of all are the abdominal, but others can be a varied support. Get a carpet to perform the exercises on the floor, lay it in a corner of the house where there is the possibility of movement and not be disturbed durations exercises. Put now on all fours, hands and knees on the ground, back straight, head parallel to the back. Begins to exhale and inhale in a very quiet, unhurried, at each step hold the position for 10 seconds. The exercise should be performed for 15 times, relax for a moment and repeat the series for another 15 times.

We are now working on the muscles to do it lying down lower to the ground, back flat on the floor arms at your sides, palms of the hands facing down. Fold now and knees portal on the chest, tightening the buttocks lifts the back ground. For this exercise movements must be slow. Hold for a few seconds, then returns to the original one. The exercise should be performed 20 times, stopping a moment to rest and take it up with another set of 20. It would be appropriate to combine these exercises even a little bit of jogging or brisk walking, this way you will lose inches quickly.