You are afraid of taking too much pounds during your pregnancy? Get advice from our nutritionist to give your baby everything he needs without accumulating unnecessary pounds (often difficult to lose after childbirth) and without depriving yourself!

What is the ideal weight gain?

It lies between 9 and 12 pounds. And if possible not more than 5 half of pregnancy, because it is faster at the end. “It is important to watch your weight by weighing every 3 or 4 days, not to lose control” advises Beatrice, nutritionist. But do not worry if it is rather high in the range: a study (1) shows that there is no systematic link between weight gain during pregnancy and the postpartum weight. Clearly, this is not because we took a little more than you will never find its starting weight. Conversely, weight gain too much is not trivial for Health: “If one takes 14 pounds, there is no risk. Conversely, when taken 20 to 30, this leads to an increased risk of diabetes gestational hypertension or vascular problems, a risk for mom and baby childbirth “warns Beatrice. If overweight before pregnancy, increased monitoring is necessary and is ideal rather lie in the low weight gain (more than 9 pounds 12, but never less than 7).


Satisfy his “desires” at the right time

We must distinguish between psychological desires (a sugar craving, which is not necessary for the construction of the baby, is especially a need for comfort) and physiological desires (a craving for red meat can be a lack of iron ) it is important to satisfy “said Beatrice. Practically: It is better to avoid snacking during the day and rather satisfy his desires with or after meals, not too increase calorie intake or disrupt the glucose.

3 meals a day + 1 snack!

Good pace for not limiting weight gain during pregnancy: 3 meals per day plus a snack (if you feel the need) because regular meals can better control and distribute their calorie intake. Note: In case nausea, especially in early pregnancy, it may be useful to split meals by 3 main meals + 2 snacks lighter (often cut food intake high heart).

Make a good nap!

Fatigue often leads to seeking comfort through food. This is why sleep is still the best way to avoid gaining too much weight” advises Beatrice. Practically: One does not hesitate to take a nap if you feel the need.

Eating for two, rather than 2!

During pregnancy, women often tend to let go because they are happy and feel for the baby room. Actually increased caloric needs is not huge, especially at first. Should not necessarily eat more (like 2) but eat better (for 2), “said Beatrice. If energy requirements increase slightly from the second quarter (150 to 250 kcal / day, the equivalent of two apples and a yogurt about), they do not double! Not large enough to justify crackings food. In practice: You should eat as usual ensuring balanced and varied meals to provide essential nutrients to the developing baby. With, ideally, about 55% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 15% protein. In detail, it is better to focus on low glycemic index carbohydrates (bread and whole grains, etc.) and limit simple sugars, choose proteins that bring iron (red meat, egg yolk) and prefer good fats (1 tbsp. rapeseed day, blue fish 1-2 times per week) rather than butter or cream. As for drinks, we must focus on water as a precaution and avoid sweeteners lights products.