There are many techniques that control the breathing and most of them are associated with good reason, to the Middle East atmospheres that lead back to the arts or martial to body weight exercises . In this short tutorial presents some exercises on how to learn to control your breathing; they can be made ​​every day and you can see how your state of well-being that flows.



A very simple exercise and intuitive is to find a quiet place where you can close your eyes and you can feel our breath. This way we can empty the mind of all distractions and can concentrate solely on breathing . After we reached the mastery of action we can take a thought and we can analyze it in detail as if it were an object. While being guided by the rhythmic sound inspirational and exhale we can increase our concentration and thus have a mind ready to learning and increase our sense of security. This operation is just 5 minutes.

Now we look for a comfortable position; or we can sit on your back, it is important that we do not have any kind of muscular tension. When we are ready we rest the left hand on the chest at heart level and right under the breastbone, right on the diaphragm. With slow, deep breaths inflate the diaphragm gently and naturally. We continue the exercise with the rest of the body remaining motionless; the body part that needs to ‘work’ is the lung area. After a while you start to have a feeling of well-being and tranquility ; relaxation reached after short periods helps to clear the states of agitation and stress . This exercise should be performed for 10 minutes.

The last technique needs a minimum of movement. Must walk with a constant pitch and balanced, that should be neither too slow nor tiring. We just have to set the rhythm and avoid having to concentrate on the consequences. Inhale for 4 steps holding air and exhale for the next four steps, then repeat the exercise. We must, however, be careful not to exceed 5 minutes, otherwise this exercise can get us some small state of alteration : euphoria or a little dizzy. If the exercise, however, it runs successfully conveys a feeling of vigor and makes us feel fit.