Keeping in shape or get back into shape, and dispose of all that winter has made ​​us accumulate is a prerogative of all the people who want to show off a toned physique, but not only! Now keep in shape is to feel good about themselves. To do this one must follow the rules, not necessarily rigid, especially if its weight is already in the standard or a little higher. Here are some tips on weight loss foods, not only in summer but throughout the year.

First rule is to control the power. Avoid excess seasoning is the secret to be able to enjoy all kinds of weight loss foods, bar none! But do not dress “by eye” using 2 tablespoons of oil flavored extra virgin olive oil, unsalted too much pasta but try to flavor it with herbs of your choice. Also it is good to eat at least three meals a day plus two snacks, one in mid-morning, the other in mid-afternoon. The snack must never be neglected: this is for us not to get too hungry at lunch or dinner. During the break you can consume fruits to your liking, alternatively, choose a low-fat yogurt. Abolished pretzels or sweet snacks, refreshments are consumed cereal or whole grain flours.


Limited portions and prefer rice to pasta. The amount of rice varies according to the dish you want to prepare: If it comes to soups dosed 50 grams of rice, if it is a plate of white rice or with gravy and sauces, penetrate 80-100 grams. Do not forget to write in your supply fruit and vegetables at will, as both contain minerals, water, vitamins and many other beneficial properties for the health of our body. Increase this by adding a liquid multivitamin to your daily routine. Even the fish must be eaten with regularity: at least 3-4 times per week. Try to avoid excessive consumption of eggs (1, maximum 2 per week).

Finally, the basic rule is physical activity, which should not be missing, even if we are not on a diet do some exercise does not necessarily make sport: it takes small steps and you will see that it will be necessary to enroll in the gym or find some time to go for a run or do exercise bike Moving means avoiding the elevator, go to work on foot, cleaning, carry the groceries, walking the dog, and much more advantage of every single opportunity to move, because the ‘it should be active in our whole body.