Keep fit and maintain good physical condition is the dream of many people. Often, however, due to prolonged holidays and little movement, this is not possible. In fact, there are some tricks that, if followed and respected properly, can allow us to enjoy a good physical condition . This guide will explain how to keep fit.

how to keep fit

The main ally to turn to for help is undoubtedly will . The results do not come right away and often never show after hardships and sacrifices. The important thing is to not give up. First determine your goal. Physical activity is, of course, fundamental practice it regularly but do not overdo it. Even a simple walk you adhere can often be of great help (it is recommended by many personal trainers). In addition, for those who are more trained regarding breath and strength, the race is the activity most complete and effective way to maintain your ideal weight and improve gradually.

Another exercise winning will be to carry out activities aimed at firming up the stomach , legs and hips so to lose the excess body fat in those areas. To firm your legs the exercise bike is an excellent remedy, in case you have one at home. Alternatively, you can lie back and raise your legs around 75 degrees, pedaling in the air. For the tummy and hips instead are useful abs, especially side. Initially, try to do three sets of 15 and then increased later and gradually. Abs definitely require a lot of effort and commitment, but the result will be guaranteed. To firm up what you have disposed, step and spinning are two of the best techniques as they ensure even strength training.

Another remedy fundamental and especially not to be underestimated is the power. Avoid taking too many carbohydrates at dinner: dietitians recommend to assimilate them in good quantity for lunch only. Avoid sweet, fried and fatty cheeses because they will only increase your weight, as well as to increase the level of cholesterol and blood sugar. Consume more vegetables as possible, from the salad zucchini, trying to dress them as little as possible. For snacks, opt for fruits and make a big breakfast (which is the most important meal of the day). Basically, eat five times a day without going overboard in portions. Take two cups of green tea a day, natural food that speeds up your metabolism, as well as pepper and coffee. Do not weigh yourself every day, but once a week, on the same day and at the same time. You will see that with a lot of sacrifice able to achieve the desired results.