The mineral salts are substances that take place in the human body of the important chemical processes essential for growth, development and human health. The minerals are in the human body even superior to vitamins, and among the most important of these are calcium, sodium , the potassium, the phosphorus, the magnesium , manganese, chlorine. The lack of one or more minerals creates a shortage in our organism which can induce the development of serious illnesses, and then goes quickly resolved with appropriate additions. Here is a guide on how to integrate the most important minerals.

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Sodium and potassium

are among the minerals the most important and abundant in the body, as they play important functions in the metabolism of every cell of the body. They are also important for the maintenance of a proper amount of liquid within the organism. A low-salt diet too pushed, intense physical activity , low intake of fruits and vegetables are some of the causes of deficiency . Sodium and potassium can be integrated with fruits and vegetables (especially bananas and potatoes), the simple salt (never exceeded!) and legumes. Alternatively you can take supplements of salts, recommended especially to those who practice strenuous physical activity.


Football performs important functions with regard to the cardiovascular and nervous, so a deficiency can manifest with severe symptoms. Moreover, especially in children, the right amount of calcium daily allows the development and bone remodeling are essential for adequate growth. Sources of calcium are milk and dairy products primarily, then cheese and yogurt, which contain moderate amounts. For vegans alternative sources of calcium may be the dried fruit and vegetables in the first place, but also certain types of vegetables, such as spinach, onions and broccoli .


The Magnesium performs important functions assisting those football. A deficiency can cause imbalances cardiovascular and nervous. Magnesium is found mainly in green leafy vegetables, nuts and whole grains.