You look in the mirror and you see two skinny legs and no muscle? I have often teased for your legs from chicken? I’d say it’s time to grow their legs and make them strong and big, but not like those of a pit bull !

In the upright position with the back straight open wide the legs with a distance not excessive and with toes turned slightly outward, arms stretched forward and go down on his ass up then go back almost to the ground is not too fast. Remember that during the descent, your knees should remain behind the toes of your feet otherwise it will load too much weight on them and you might get hurt. Repeat the movement 20 times then rest for 3 minutes counted and divided all for 3 times in a row.

Now you need two dumbbells with a load of at least 10kg to start. We position our dumbbells on the shoulders keeping hammer and go down on his ass in half without going completely to the ground, the position to be taken is the same as the first exercise, it should all be repeated for 10 runs with two-minute breaks counted, always repeats the ‘exercise 3 times. Unless you have dumbbells with weights know that in almost all sports stores are sold at low cost.


Now more with dumbbells in hand we let them go down on our sides fair down tight we place one leg behind and in front of us, we go down with the leg positioned behind us until almost to touch the knee to the ground , repeat the movement 10 times for leg with breaks of two minutes and the whole thing repeated 3 times. If you do these exercises every other day for at least 3 months in a row you will see that the results clearly visible and you should be better about yourself.