If your love life has moved from the frying pan into the fire , it is not necessary to memorize the Kama Sutra to make living the life of a couple , but in reality, they are also the positions that you hire outside of the bed that might be important to recall that active sex life than once. According to careful research, sexually unsatisfied women who practiced yoga and the various techniques, gave higher results of excitement and desire , improving their sex life. If you want to reap similar benefits, you must perform some specific exercises of yoga at least 3 times a week , spending about a minute in each position. If this is the first time that you practice and do not know the various positions to take, this guide will serve you on how to improve sexuality with yoga.


To begin, lie on your stomach and bring your arms back and pull the ankles with your hands; Inhale, hold the breath, raise your head, chest and legs, help yourself with your arms to keep you balance yourself on your abdomen . Hold your breath as long as possible before exhaling and relax the body. Repeat three or four times this year. It is important to know that this exercise is not recommended for all those people who have back problems or hernia. This type of position, in addition to toning the muscles of the back and maintain the elasticity of the spine, will massage the abdomen, giving a flow of blood that will allow a greater stimulation of the reproductive organs.

In addition to this position, there is another offer. Sit on the floor with your back straight , legs stretched out in front of you and your feet facing the ceiling, keeping your arms parallel to the floor and bend on yourself, by drawing nearer as possible to grab your feet with your hands. Do not worry if your nose touches your knees, make every effort not to pull any muscles. Let rest your head between your arms and hold for about 30 seconds. stooping on yourself, you are going to relax the pelvis and thighs and reduce abdominal adipose, therefore, strengthen the sexual glands and you will get an incredible sexual stimulation.

The constant practice of these challenging positions, are an excellent response to the energy and well-being of the couple, then you will always find a different way to communicate sexually with your partner and the courage to experiment with these postures to discover the pleasure from the point of view of a harmonized body, mind and energy. Also, if you are looking for fertility, these positions will be of great help.