Cure perfectly our body, it is something very important if we want to be always beautiful and seductive. There are parts of our body that need numerous care and attention that often are not taken into due consideration , such as the feet. In this guide we will see how in fact have healthy feet .

healthy feet

First, especially in the summer it is important to avoid the use of non-breathable footwear , which not only make you sweat our feet excessively, they may also damage. We wear in summer only canvas shoes, shoes made ​​with breathable fabrics, or slippers or flip flops. As for the socks we avoid in the summer or on hot days to use heavy socks, but use only cotton socks, better yet if it is of socks from very light colors. Every time we are at home, take off our shoes and put on in a timely manner of comfortable slippers , in this way, our feet remain cool and dry.

We cut the nails of our feet at least once a week, if we want, we can polish our nails slightly using a small lime. We wash our feet at least 2-3 times a day, using a detergent soap very delicate, even better, if it is a soap that contains only natural ingredients. If we want to use them, in business, there are also some real deodorant sprays and refreshing that we spray on our feet, to keep them fresh and fragrant longer. If our feet are tired or a little sore, nothing is better than massage them for a few minutes using a good massage oil or a few drops of essential oil.

Important for the health of our feet is also power. So let us adopt a way of eating healthy and balanced, based on whole grains , white meat and fish, fruit, vegetables and dairy products. We avoid to introduce in our diet foods rich in fats and sugars. Let us keep for a long time to soak your feet in the water when you take a bath, as they may be damaged. If our feet are often damp, nothing is better than putting on them of talcum powder, which in addition to absorbing moisture, protects our feet and makes the most delicate skin. Finally, we put inside our shoes comfortable insoles to ensure our feet the maximum comfort .